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The future is in your hands

Tudor Brown, President of ARM Ltd.

A. ARM Founded 27th Nov 1990

  • Apple 의 뉴튼 PDA 에 사용할 CPU 디자인을 의뢰 받으면서 사업 시작 (£1.5M from Apple)
  • £250K cash from VLSI, £1.5M of IP & 12 engineers from Acorn.
  • ARM Design Philosophy
    • 상대적으로 가격이 비싼 CISC 가 아니라 동일 가격대에 더 나은 성능을 낼 수 있는 RISC Core 를 개발하되,
    • 타사 (인텔) 보다 약간 성능이 낮은 제품군을 타겟팅한다.
    • Small in size
    • Low cost
    • Suitable as micro-cells
    • Efficient (low power consumption, low beat generation)

ARM 社의 미션

Design competitive, low power consumption, high performance, low cost processors which become the accepted standard in the market they address. In support of this mission ARM Ltd will develop peripheral cell designs, software, and software tools and provide a design service to their parties.

ARM’s Steps to Success

  • Right products, right time, and the right business model.
  • Smart, energy-efficient processors required by the market.
  • Major chip vendors choose ARM
    • Initially to reduce cost
    • Then to gain access to software base
    • Now for the unrivalled ecosystem
  • These steps are now being repeated outside of mobile.
• • •

B. 메가트렌드

메가트렌드 #1: Connectivity is Driving The Future

  • 1st Era 1960~1985 “Select work tasks”
    • Mainframe 1MM+ Units
    • Minicomputer 10MM+ Units
  • 2nd Era 1986~2005 “Broad-based computing for specific tasks”
    • Personal Computing 100MM+ Units
    • Desktop Internet 1B+ Units
  • 3rd Era 2005~2020 “Mobile Internet”
    • Mobile Internet 10B+ Units
  • In the future
    • The Internet of Things 100B+ Units

메가트렌드 #2: Energy Concerns Becoming Priority

  • 새로운 제품에 대한 수요와 에너지 비효율적인 제품들이 한정된 에너지 자원 소모
  • 에너지 과소비는 에너지 비용을 높이는 악순환을 만들 것.
  • 따라서, 에너지 효율성이 새로운 제품에 대한 수요 증가.

메가트렌드 #3: Visual Computing is Coming to Life

  • 상시 연결성 보장
  • 에너지 효율성
  • 클라우드 스토리지와 컴퓨팅
  • 끊김 없는 유저 인터페이스
  • 어플리케이션/컨텐츠 등
• • •

C. 시장의 요구사항들과 ARM 社의 솔루션 제안

1. 3rd growth era Internet connectivity

‘14 TAM 29Bn units

2. On the move: Mobile, Mobile Computing, Connected Car

구분 내용
Requirements for Mobile - On the move-2014 Mobile
- Personalized compute platform
- All-day battery life
- High speed wireless data access
- Advanced video, console-quality gaming
- Support for rich Internet applications
- Continual innovation in UI and form factors
2014 TAM(M units) - Smartphone 320
- Featurephone 900
- Lowend/Voide 350
- Mobile Computers 500
- Media Players 300
Arm’s Proposal - ARM7TDMI for 2G
- ARM9/11 for 2.5G/3G
- ARM1156/Cortex-R4 for 3.5G
- Heron for 3.9G/4G
구분 내용
Requirements for connected cars - Safety and infotainment
- Energy efficienty, Electric Vehicles
- Transformation in driving experience
- Enhanced driver and passenger UI
- Connectivity via multiple standards
2014 TAM(M units) - Microcontroller 2,000
- Multimedia 70

3. Cloud Infrastructure: Networking, Storage, Servers, WiFi, Router

구분 내용
Requirements - Faster data rates, 24/7 connectivity
- Infrastructure for increased traffic
- High performance enablement of video, TV, data and voice
- Increased storage for rich content
- Energy efficient, low cost, networked home (wireless)
2014 TAM(M units) - Storage 1,100
- Networking 900
Arm’s Proposal - Cortex-A5 for Residential Femtocell/Gateway
- Cortex-A15 for Macro Basestation/Core router

4. In the home: DTV, Utility meters, Smart home, Residential gateway, Gaming, Printer

구분 내용
Requirements for home entertainment - Intuitive, 3D graphics UI
- Connectivity and social networking
- Energy efficiency
- Reducing cost
2014 TAM(M units) - DTV/STB 700
- DSC and DVC 200
구분 내용
Requirements for smart home - Simple, interactive UIs
- EV charging infrastructure
- Secure transactions
- Automation to enable energy reduction
- Information to empower decision making (Energy use, utility provision, remote appliance monitoring)
2014 TAM(M units) - Automotive 2,000
- Smartcards 5,500
- Microcontroller 9,000
Arm’s Proposal - Cortex-M Series for Home
- 35+ licensees of Cortex-M3 (140% CAGR in units shipments)
- 20 licensees of Cortex-M0
- Cortex-M4 for DSC functionality
• • •

D. The Next “Big Thing” (새로운 요구사항): Security & Trust

소비자들에게 온라인을 통한 새로운 구매 경험을 제공하기 위한 장벽 (Privacy Concern) 에 대한 해결 필요성 대두

1. Mobile Solutions

  • Mobile financial services
  • IP protection
  • Digital right management
  • Network access/billing
  • Location-based services

2. Embedded Solutions

  • M2M communications
  • Automotive gateways
  • Secure JTAG
  • Point of sale terminals
  • ePassports/government ID
  • Bank cards, SIM cards

3. Mobile Computing

  • Strong user authentication
  • Secure cookies
  • usr/pwd replacement
  • Financial services
  • Thin client billing

4. Enterprise Solutions

  • Server farms
  • VPN gateways
  • Femtocell gateways
  • Full disk encryption

5. Emerging Applications

  • Smart meters and grid
  • Energy gateways
  • Remote healthcare
  • Road pricing

6. Home Solutions

  • Conditional Access
  • Digital right management
  • IPTV payments
  • Pay-as-you-go gaming
• • •

E. ARM 의 강점

  • Unmatched Partnership Around ARM
  • More OS & RTOS Choice on ARM
  • ARM Enabling Partnership for Growth
  • Strength Comes Through Diversity
• • •

F. 신제품 라인업 소개

  • Cortex-A15 Next-Gen Leadership
    • Performance: 현재 고사양 핸드셋의 5배 성능, 2.5GHz 내장으로 에너지/온도 Budget 잇점
    • Power-Efficiency
    • Flexibility: Multiple usage profile, 싱글 다이에서 성능 Scalability 제공
    • 45/40nm 공정의 Dual Cortex-A9 대비, 32/28nm의 Dual Cortex-A15은 2 배 이상의 성능
    • POP (Processor Optimization Pack): Samsung, TSMB, Global Foundry 등에서 추가 Hardening을 통해 제공되는 Package로 성능 최대화, 파워 최대화 옵션 선택 가능. ARM 기본 제공 IP 대비 성능은 25%까지 향상되고, 파워 누수는 80%까지 향상 가능함.
  • Leading Edge Graphice, Mali-T604
    • ‘09까지 누적 25+개 이상의 Mali IP Licensee
    • T604: GPGPU (General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit), Tri-pipe, OpenGL ES 2.0, OpenCL 1.1, DirectX 11 Support
    • CoreLink: Cortex-A15과 T604에 맞추어 미리 조합해 놓은 System IP(Bus, Mem Controller)로 고객에게 Fast Time-to-market 잇점 제공.
• • •

G. ARM 社의 야망

  • PC와 서버 시장을 제외하고는 다 먹겠다.
  • 현재까지 누적 200 억개의 ARM Core 를 라이센스 했으며, 2020 년에는 1,000 억개의 ARM Core 를 라이센스 하겠다.

ARM 社의 비전

A World where all electronic products and services are based upon energy technology from ARM, making life better for everyone.

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